Post updated 01/06/2018 with more information 

Hosted at the stunning Soho Farmhouse in north Oxfordshire, Pinstitute UK is an annual gathering of some of the biggest brands in the UK, who all have a passion for marketing on Pinterest.

This year Pinterest announced 3 new functionalities for businesses to tap into later in 2018.

These were:

  • Audience Insights – Delve deeper into the wider search interests of your Pinterest community, and better understand their demographic and behaviours on the platform.
  • Expanded Targeting – Pinterest uses its ‘Tastes Graphs’ to place your ad in front of audiences it believes will also like to see your content, even if it’s outside your targeting.
  • Promoted Video At Maximum Screen Width – Video ads can now take up the full width of the screen. (Square 1:1 size appears to be optimum so the full video can fit above the fold). For more information, see this post from Pinterest Business.

These were some of my favourite insights through the day:

  • For brands, it’s all about authenticity – if you mean it, people will care
  • Pinterest is perfect for when customers don’t know exactly what they want. People are looking for personalised online experience of discovery. They come to Pinterest with a high intent to purchase or try something new.
  • The traits of successful digital brands:
    • Products that meet emerging customer needs
    • Open to exploring new business models
    • Include storytelling in their marketing
    • Are purpose driven
  • Pinterest is the one place on the internet where you can truly be yourself, and it can be filled with whatever you want it to be. Public and private boards enable this.
  • Pillars of Measuring For Success
    • Tracking and validation
    • Resonance
    • Online and Offline conversionSocial is the new shop window
  • It’s all about the WHY someone should shop with a brand. What’s the EXPERIENCE?
  • Someone really loving a brand and have an emotional connection is the most powerful pull
  • Never believe something will completely take over what came before – invariable it will be a mix (to bear in mind for text vs. visual search on Pinterest. Don’t neglect your keyword SEO!)
  • Visual search has to connect emotionally and be highly functional/easy to use
  • Customers are open to seeing content from ads. 75% of the content on the platform is branded
  • Pinterest delivers personalised recommendation at scale – its organic recommendations are powered by the Pinterest Taste Graph
  • The vast majority of people who see your content are not followers. Therefore the new business profile shows monthly views instead
  • Pinterest is not about the followers, likes, and comments – and this makes it a healthier space for consumers to play in

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