Twitter Lists are a massively under-appreciated functionality of Twitter. Even if someone makes a list, they often quickly forget to use and update them.

For the Tweeting-novices out there, a list is a curated group of other accounts. Twitter allows you to create your own, or to simply ‘follow’ one made by another user.

So why should you be using them?

  1. Choose the content you want to see: If you’re strategic about how you create and name your lists, you can ensure that you only see the type of content that is relevant to you at that point in time.
    For example, on my personal account, I have lists for inspiration, other social media professionals, friends and family, etc. I am able to hone in on the type of content I need at that time by selecting the appropriate lists.
    At work, we use them to bring together the accounts of our employees, influencers, partners, suppliers, etc. This helps to simplify social listening as well.
  2. View tweets in chronological order: That’s right, the timelines algorithm doesn’t apply to Twitter lists! You see the updates in order of when they were posted – so you can scroll away until you reached the point you last checked in without missing anything.
  3. Networking and community building: By building Twitter lists, you can help to shape your digital network. When I see that someone has added me to a list, I am more inclined to take a look at that person’s profile than if they had simply followed me without further engagement. If you’re a brand, you can use Twitter lists to celebrate your customers/community – for example ‘Our Fantastic Regulars’ or ‘Customers We Love To Serve’.

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