If you’re anything like me, you cannot abide clutter. I find it highly irritating to look at, but, at a fundamental level, it stresses me out. I need to put things away (in an orderly manner) and keep surfaces clean – and I don’t feel ashamed by this. There is also a great pleasure in donating (or tossing) things you don’t need or use.

I hope these 5 easy steps towards decluttering help to relieve you of some unknown tension as well. Please do let me know how you have found the experience.

  1. Purge Your Wardobe: Donate anything you have not worn this year, and throw away the old clothes with the stains and the holes. C’mon, you don’t need them! If you want to be brutal, shorten the time frame. Not worn that t-shirt in 6 months? Bye, Felicia!
  2. Purge Your Toiletries: Do you really need four half-used bottles of shampoo? How about that really naff nail polish that chips the moment you apply it? In the bin!
  3. Clear your surfaces: Ensure everything has a place in storage. Allocate specific cupboards and drawers, and make a conscious effort to ensure that these stay organised and tidy as well. With clear surfaces, your home looks much tidier, and is even quicker and easier to clean! Win-win.
  4. Go paperless: With the exception of documents I legally need to have in paper format (e.g. Birth Certificate), I’ve gone completely paperless. Most of my important correspondence is done online, but I use a PDF app on my phone to digitise important documents as well. These are then easier to locate when needed, and you only need a slim wallet for documents – instead of a big chunky box or file cabinet.
  5. Go digital: Here is where I’m something of a hypocrite… I’ve gone digital with music, with the exception of a few chosen vinyl, and I have started to with films and box sets. I’ve purged over half of my DVD collection and I still seem to have a monumental amount. But, I know that with Amazon Prime, Netflix, SkyGo, Spotify, Apple Music – all of my television, film and music needs are largely covered online. (The goal is to continue reducing the DVD collection in time for my living room redecoration. Wish me luck!). Where I draw the line is books. If you want to completely declutter, it’s time to go for a Kindle. Books are my kryptonite, though, and I adore having my (thoroughly organised) bookcase looking at me across the bedroom.

Go forth, and declutter!

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