I have been growing more disillusioned with social media in my personal time over the last few months, and I would like to share five issues I have with it.

As a Social Media Manager, I should be its biggest advocate. Whilst there are lots of aspects I enjoy about its rise since the early noughties, especially the ways in which brands can use it to speak with their audiences, it’s not without its flaws…

1. Security:
Unless you’re savvy in the cyber-world, the constant updates to security settings on social media are baffling, to say the least. As a result, whether knowingly or unknowingly, most don’t seem to bother with checking theirs. All of a sudden, your personal information (both trivial and confidential) are available to anyone around the world in just a few clicks. There is a brilliant advert on TV at the moment that shows someone trawling through a young women’s accounts, and is able to find enough information to make an online card payment with her identity! Scary stuff, have a watch…
2. The ‘Humblebrag’:
I feel like a hypocrite for moaning about Humblebragging behaviour, because this was me, especially at university. (If you were my Facebook friend or Twitter follower during this period, I deeply apologise. I have seen the error of my ways!) False modesty littered my statuses of good grades and ‘selfless’ volunteering, and huge value was  placed on likes and comments to make me feel validated. Unfortunately I now find this continuing trait in others highly irritating, forgetting that I too posted in this way not too long ago…
3. Time:
These days, I only give Twitter significant attention (with the odd ‘phase’ of Instagram). However, I still seem to spend hours each week scrolling, trying to keep up to speed with the world on Twitter. It’s exhausting! It’s even stressful if I have a busy week, as I never feel as though I’m caught up and on top of things. That is time that could be better spent, in my case, reading a book!
4. Relationships:
Too much social engagement in real life drains me. I’m something of a secret introvert, and I’m a big advocate for having fewer, better quality friends. I would take a select group of friends over a large crowd of ‘hangers-on’ any day. Whilst Twitter is fantastic for e-meeting new people and having conversations about shared interests, it does seem to be at the expense of spending time with my existing loved ones.
In addition to this, over the last few years, I realised that few ‘friends’ on my Facebook profile are just that – real friends. They don’t really give a damn about how well my life is going (or isn’t). So I purged, I purged hard. This was easier for me as I had a ‘work’ profile to manage client Facebook pages, so old acquaintances see this on their friend’s list and don’t feel rejected. In fact, three months ago I even deleted the Facebook app from my phone to save battery and data. I don’t miss it. I just check in briefly on my desktop to catch the highlights. Rarely do I post anything now – I see my nearest and dearest often enough for them to know what is happening in my life.
5. Trolls:
Trolls and cyber bullies are cowards.  Sat behind a screen, all of a sudden people have no fear, no empathy, and no sense of human decency. I have zero time for trolls.

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