These steps helped me to go from frantically job-hunting to accepting a fantastic job offer in just over two weeks. I hope they’re helpful to you too!

1. Apply for jobs via LinkedIn 
I don’t know about you, but when I’m super-busy and fretting out about the future of my career, dealing with several job agencies and recruiters is the last thing I wanted to do (although I still did it…). I found applying for jobs directly through LinkedIn to be a much more efficient and stress-free way of searching for appropriate roles and applying for them quickly. Having said this, update your LinkedIn profile first. Ensure that it is fully up-to-date and populated with strong content that really highlights your experiences and diverse skill-set.

2. Create an online CV/website 
This is especially important if you’re in a creative/artistic industry. The website itself serves as an example of your eye for design, and if you made the site yourself it demonstrates skills in web development and/or coding. You can include more information than a formal paper CV, including videos and images. I also included an option to download pretty PDF and plain-text word document CVs for interested parties too.

3. Make a video 
To help my LinkedIn and website stand out, I made myself a short 30-second ‘Why You Should Hire Me’ video, where I briefly summarised my key skills. With a professional background (my desk and overflowing bookcase) behind me, I goofily up-talked myself into my camera phone. I then embedded this across my online channels, included it in my email signature, and asked my connections to share it with their own.

4. Tidy up your social media 
Privacy settings are your friends – seriously. Avoid swearing or engaging in heated arguments on public-facing channels. Don’t be a troll – nobody likes that person. Do, however, show some personality. Social media is just that – social. You can be quirky, share ideas and engage in conversations. By checking out your social media, recruiters can also ascertain how likely you are to fit into their dynamic of their organisation.

I wish you all the best with the job hunt! Please do let me know how it goes – you can tweet me at @LisaBoylesMedia.

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