Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to join Social Misfits Media on their Facebook for Charities event. I thought that I might share some of the big statistics and pearls of wisdom that I picked up along the way.

  • There are 1.65 billion Facebook users worldwide, and 150 million of these are connected to at least one non-profit page
  • Facebook raised £15 million for Nepal after the earthquake – however, it is not explicitly clear to which charity/charities this was disbursed
  • On average, people visit their news feed 14 times a day (globally)
  • Facebook and Instagram account for 20% of time spent on mobile
  • More than 50% of Facebook users watch videos on the platform each day.
  • 8 billion videos are watched each day. 75% of these happen on mobile not desktop
  • (Another tip I picked up recently that I loved was always ensuring that the video works with no sound/has captions if needed as often peoples phones are on silent.)
  • There are 400 million users on Instagram, 75% of whom are outside the US. It is the fastest growing social media platform and users spend an average of 21 minutes a day on it.

Golden rules of posting on Facebook pages

  • Create a conversation – Ask questions and encourage engagement
  • Be personal – use real examples. Eg. the children we work with, our staff, our fundraisers, our partners
  • Be authentic – then you will attract and engage with the right audience
  • Be relevant – to cut through the clutter on peoples news feeds
  • Tell a story through your posts
  • How often should I post? The answer is how often do you have something of value to say? Don’t post for the sake of it. Create value for the people who are reading it.
  • Always respond to your comments and messages, even the spam ones (you can report them after). This improves your response rating and how highly Facebook elevate you.

When leading up to a fundraising ask

  • Raise awareness – what is the issue? Why is there a need for your work? How will you help?
  • Show progress – Regularly photo/video updates
  • Highlight impact – Reports, statistics, infographics

Tips for a compelling campaign 

  • Theme
  • Timeframe
  • Tangible outcome
  • Suggest a contribution amount
  • Stand out – strong images and videos

Complement your existing efforts

  • Activate your biggest supporters – celebrities, patrons, leaders, social influencers
  • Use these big names to rally others
  • Find new potential donors
  • Utilise Facebook events – specific to your primary following


  • More of a creative platform than Facebook
  • Less to do with sales/conversions/asks. More focused on sharing creative images, updates, videos, etc.
  • 54% of relationships are not reciprocal. Users are not necessarily following their friends, but people/organisations they admire or are passionate about

Tips for Instagram

  • Tell your story visually
  • Leverage on an open mindset
  • Reach a passionate community

Social Misfits compiled a Storify of all of the interactions at the event. You can view it here.

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