‘Voluntourism’, essentially the act of volunteering abroad, has started to receive significantly more negative press in recent years.

It’s understandable really. There are many companies who are making an easy buck off of charging naïve youngsters for a ‘new experience’ that can help them ‘change the world.’ These opportunities come from organisations that do not communicate with the local communities in which they claim to work and make no effort to assess the benefit or impact of this work. It is also argued that young Westerners are taking jobs away from the local tradesmen, are performing tasks that they have no experience in, and are indirectly encouraging negative stereotypes of a ‘third world.’

BUT, this tars all volunteering abroad opportunities with the same brush, and is not always the case.

​#EndHumanitarianDouchery is a recent campaign that seeks to encourage people to thoroughly research the organisation in which they are going to undertake a volunteering opportunity with.
– Where is the money really going?
– Who is going to benefit?
– What is the relationship with the local community?
– What is the long-term benefit?
– Are you taking away jobs from local tradesmen?
– Do you have any business undertaking these task with no previous experience?

#EndHumanitarianDouchery offers 8 tips to ensure that your voluntourism opportunity is legit and positively impactful.

Watch their video – ‘If Voluntourists Talked About North America’

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