Last month I had a ‘carpe diem‘ moment and fell from a plane – and as usual, it was in the name of charity.

Even whilst you are on the plane, strapped to your skydive instructor, you still don’t quite get the feeling that this is really happening. For me, it built up as we scooted towards the exit for my turn after watching my friend fall from my sight. But the reality hit once I had to dangle my legs from the plane and could feel the air zoom past me.

WHOOSH. The air hits you like a hurricane as you fall. You are dropping so fast that they only way you can breathe is to scream. But you can’t even hear the screams for the rush of wind in your ears. It is a mental sensation, so simultaneously terrifying and liberating at the same time.

The parachute deploys and you feel as though you are zooming upwards when in reality you are just slowing down so dramatically that what little wind you had in you is sucked out again. Everything slows down, and your senses come back to you.

At this point, you are able to take in your surroundings and realise, ‘wow… I did it!!!’

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